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PostSubject: SUPPORT CLOWN   Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:53 pm

Character name:Flash

CURRENT equips and stats (link to calc or screenshot):

Working on getting Purple cowboy hat, sunglasses, +3 int armor and +1 int hat. Maybe someday I will get a love daddy hat with +1int and rock the battlefield. Final stats should be 130int 100agi 100 vit.

Build focus:Focus on songs: Strings, Riff and Lutie
Purpose in WoE:I'm a slave for you. Probably will serve as the rear line clown.
Ping for the server ( 162ms
Location and GMT: Winland, GMT +2
Alt IGNs / previous guilds:Played with Nospace Inside for some time. Then in some Russian + NSI merged guild.

Previous RO experience:Been playing RO for around three to four years. It all started at a server called XaosRO and most recent ones have been FeelRO, DestinaRO and NeuRO. I have had some on and off seasons with the game. I have mainly played as a creo, champ and SL in my serious WoE playing. Clown is kinda new char for me. I am really eager to learn it and will have no problem following orders. I can also lead some MvP parties if necessary.

Something funny or interesting about you:I have curly hair and I'm currently studying for first year in university. This might affect my activity a bit but shouldn't be a problem with playing WoE. I also like dogs. afro
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PostSubject: Re: SUPPORT CLOWN   Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:47 am

Dunno if we need second clown or not. Kikk will answer that.
Just wanted to ask what with those stats and equips? Is it what you have now or is that final lol?
If its final as you said its instant no:) You can get to 135 or 140 int 100 agi and 110 vit so yea....
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